2023 Yamaha YZ/WR/FX/X Contingency
2023 Off-Road Program Highlights:
  • Twenty-Five New events/series added
  • In light of production and shipping delays we will honor 2021 Through 2023 YZ’s
2023 Program now includes:
  • AMA SuperMotocross
  • Northwest Motorcycle Association Off-Road Series
  • Tri-State Arenacross
  • Winter Off-Road Nationals
  • Boss MX
  • North Carolina Motocross Association
  • Western New York Motocross Association
  • Southeast Motocross Association
  • Southeastern Enduro and Trail Riders Association
  • Superior MX Series
  • Arizona Open
  • Central Montana Motocross
  • Nevada State Championship
  • Capitol Cup
  • Ohio State Championship
  • UMX World Mini’s Championship
  • Hagerstown Half-Mile
  • Flat Track Futures
  • Buckeye GP
  • SRA GP
  • JDay Off-Road
  • Mid-West Cross Country Race Series
  • MX207
  • Maine Motocross
  • Florida Gold Cup
Amateur Motocross Events
Event/Series Name # of Events Total Posted
AMA Amateur National Championship (Loretta Lynn's) 1 $132,000
AMA "Spring Championship" Freestone 1 $26,750
AMA District-14 "Michigan State Championship" Series 7 $25,480
AMA District-23 MX 5 $29,300
AMA District-29 North Carolina State Championship 1 $3,490
AMA District-34 Ultimate Series 5 $18,875
AMA District-6 Henrietta Classic Series 5 $19,825
AMA Ohio "Buckeye Series" 7 $27,580
Baja Brawl 1 $25,125
Best in Georgia Series 5 $18,200
California Classic 1 $24,550
California State Shootout MX 1 $5,925
California State Shootout SX 1 $5,925
Chili Town Classic 1 $26,000
Daytona Amateur Supercross 1 $10,050
Empire State MX (WNY) Spring Series 5 $18,125
Fly Showdown Series 4 $16,140
Hoosier Arenacross Series - General Tire AX - GTAX 8 $30,060
Kings Cup 1 $2,985
King of the Mountains 5 $13,325
Mammoth Mountain MX 1 $23,525
MDRA - 7 Race Series 6 $25,260
Mid Atlantic Motocross Association 5 $19,350
Mid West Mega Series 4 $12,160
Missouri State MX Championship Series 5 $16,225
Moonlight Indoor Series 12 $38,520
Motoplayground-MPG Creative Group 2 $48,550
MSC Family Motocross AMA District 34 6 $21,750
NEMX Series 5 $18,125
NESC Championship Series 8 $47,900
North Dakota Motorcycle Association (NDMA) 5 $14,275
Oklahoma State Championship Series 5 $17,175
Pac West Series 8 $37,350
PAMX Spring Series 5 $23,790
PAMX State Championship 5 $19,825
REP Racing 6 $23,640
Supercross Futures 7 $5,000
Swapmoto Series 8 $36,495
Texas AMA Statewide Championship Series 6 $20,100
Texas Winter Series 15 $22,825
Tony Miller Memorial Race (Freestone) 1 $4,715
Unlimited Sports Florida Winter AM Series 5 $33,375
Unlimited Sports Mini-O's SX / MX 2 $58,300
Victory Sports Mega Series 10 $37,900
NEW Tri-State Arenacross TBA TBA
NEW North Carolina Motocross Assoc. (NCMX) TBA TBA
NEW Western New York Motocross Assoc. (WNYMA) TBA TBA
NEW Southeast Motocross Association TBA TBA
NEW Superior MX Series TBA TBA
NEW Arizona Open TBA TBA
NEW Central Montana Motocross (CMMX) TBA TBA
NEW Nevada State Championship TBA TBA
NEW Capitol Cup TBA TBA
NEW Ohio State Championship TBA TBA
NEW UMX World Mini's Championship TBA TBA
Off-Road Events
Event/Series Name # of Events Total Posted
AMA District-36 Championship Cross Country 5 $28,050
AMA District-37 NGPC/Big 6 Grand Prix Series 10 $203,500
AMA National Enduro Series 10 $175,000
AMA National Hare & Hound Series 10 $89,100
American Woods Racing Championship Series 5 $18,025
Arkansas Hare Scrambles 5 $14,550
Border Battle XC Series 5 $18,050
CFT Winter Throwdown Flat Track 2 $9,500
ECEA Enduro Series 6 $21,300
FTR Hare Scrambles 5 $26,400
Grand National Cross Country Series (GNCC) 13 $483,925
Indiana Cross Country Racing (IXCR) 12 $48,660
Mid South Cross Country (MSXC) 5 $19,250
Midwest Off-Road Events (MORE) Series 6 $19,250
Missouri Hare Scrambles Series 5 $9,500
New York Off Road Series (NYOA) 5 $25,800
Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit 6 $22,020
Southern Enduro Riders Assoc. 7 $24,045
US Sprint Enduro Series 6 $35,610
Virginia Championship Hare Scrambles Series 5 $44,200
World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS) 8 $124,800
Yamaha Southern All-Stars Series 6 $22,410
NEW Northwest Motorcycle Assoc. (NMA) TBA TBA
NEW Winter Off-Road Nationals (WORN) TBA TBA
NEW Southeastern Enduro & Trail Riders Assoc. (SETRA) TBA TBA
NEW Hagerstown Half-Mile 1 TBA
Professional Events
Event/Series Name # of Events Total Posted
AMA Motocross Series 11 $1,182,500
AMA Supercross Series 17 $1,584,400
NEW AMA SuperMotocross 3 $419,400
AMA American Flat Track Series 18 $470,700
    Total $6,245,785
2023 Off-Road Terms and Conditions
  • Riders must submit a 2023 Contingency registration form by November 30, 2023, to be eligible for contingency earned in 2023.
  • Upon 2023 registration approval, NEW "bLU cRU" members will receive a reloadable Yamaha "bLU cRU" debit card within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • All registered winning riders will be issued credit to their reloadable Yamaha "bLU cRU" debit card after Yamaha receives confirmation of results from promoter and rider has completed a registration form and valid I.R.S. W-9 Form.
  • Only 2021 or newer YZ, WR, FX and X models purchased in the United States are eligible.
  • Winning riders must have a valid U.S. social security number and fill out an IRS W-9 to be eligible.
  • Contingency will be paid to the WARRANTY REGISTERED owner. If warranty registered owner will not be competing, but sponsoring a rider, contingency will be paid to the rider.
  • Race results must be received from race promoter within 30 days of event in order for contingency to be paid.
  • Yamaha will not pay an event when the promoter fails to submit results within 30 days of the event.
  • In cases of multiple divisions of the same class, Yamaha will pay one division as specified by promoter.
  • In cases of dual sanctioned events, rider will be paid for one event only.
  • Contingency will be paid on rider's best finish in one class only, per registered machine.
  • There will be no multiple class payouts at the same event for the same machine.
  • There must be a minimum of five riders in a class to qualify for contingency.
  • The "Yamaha" logo must be displayed on the left and right side of the motorcycle and the "bLU cRU" logo must be displayed on the front number plate of all machines to be eligible.
  • The original color plastic components must remain on all units to be eligible.
  • Go to www.yamahabLUcRU.com for more details.
  • Program details subject to change without notice at Yamaha's sole discretion.
For any questions regarding the Yamaha Off-Road Contingency Program, contact Yamaha Racing Contingency Dept by phone: 714-761-7509 or email to: racing_contingency@yamaha-motor.com.