• 2023 Yamaha Sidewinder-X-Tx-Se-146

The Sidewinder X‑TX SE is more about getting off‑trail with its quick transfer, VersAttak 146 rear suspension and 2.0‑inch deep‑lug Camso 'Challenger' track. The front end sports a narrower 40‑inch ski stance supported by wide Yamaha Mountain Skis. The tunnel and steering system is based on the SR‑M Mountain chassis complemented with a lightweight mountain seat, tapered foot boards and Stealth controls. Top‑shelf Fox┬« Zero QS3 shocks are found up front to accommodate a wide range of terrain and riding styles. The Genesis Turbo adds a power‑packed punch of fun to any outing.

Starting at:


Destination Charge: $545
Freight Surcharge: $300*****